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IT@Home understands that technology is always evolving and that here in NZ we are quick to adopt it.  Therefore IT@Home places a premium on knowing the latest and greatest and how it may affect the current home IT infrastructure and need.   Part consultant, part engineer and very down to earth, IT@Home will keep things as simple as you like.

Our Short History
IT@Home started in 2011 to cater for home users, as there was little in the way of customised support at the time.  With the increasing number of people working from home and advances in smart devices, service in the home user sector was being badly neglected, with people left on their own with complicated pieces of hardware and one small installation guide from the vendor to get it going.  This is not ideal.


Hours of work:             Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm

Hourly rate:                  $80/hr

Phone:  027 869 6026


Things we do
  • Hardware (PCs, laptops, printers, WiFi, routers etc)
  • Software (Operating systems, Office, Antivirus etc)
  • Installation, configuration, integration
  • Backup solutions, infrastructure design and scaling
  • Speak in no-nonsense easy-to-understand English
  • Cater for the smallest and biggest home setups.  Your need is what we are here to ensure.